Toronto Star Writes A Good Article!

Why can't those TDSB trustees play well with others?

Democracy may be messy, but at the Toronto District School Board it’s a disaster zone.

Armed police at meetings, locked doors to keep trustees from bothering staff, reports of sexual harassment, temper tantrums and conflict of interest — and that’s just in the past week.

Since the mega-board was created 16 years ago through the forced marriage of six fiercely independent school systems, its 22 trustees can’t seem to stay out of trouble. More than one team of auditors has scolded them for interfering in everyday operations and creating a “culture of fear” from top to bottom. Don’t even get started on their financial fiascos — just last year Queen’s Park froze all funds for construction until they got capital spending in order.

If you set a reality show based on Canada’s largest school board, you’d call it Trustees Gone Wild.
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