Now You Can Help Destroy Islam By Washing Your Hair!

I've taken a hiatus from trolling Warren Kinsella's blog. From my understanding he is currently dressing up as an Asian woman and threatening to become the next mayor of Toronto.

My new favourite blog is written by a white Muslim convert sociology major who's gender something or another.

The theory of cultural appropriation, which you can learn about if you major in sociology, dictates that Muslims are peaceful children who yearn to be free and lived in an advanced society before white people took everything away from them.

Here he/she or xe writes about how you're responsible for destroying Islam when you wash your hair:

Look Westerners: you’ve done everything you could in your power to wipe out Islam and Muslims since the state of Khilafah was first established. everything the west has done to the islamic world has been an act of colonialism. that’s why it is EXTREMELY important to stop appropriating anything from our cultures. just stop. not just our food and our clothing but also our hygiene products. This includes argan oil from Morocco. When you use it to wash your hair you are actively participating in the assimilation and eventual destruction of Arab and Muslim culture. STOP IT NOW.

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