My New Favourite Blog

As Warren Kinsella remains shaken by another threat on his life, I have found a blog even more ridiculous than his. It's called: The Checking of the Privilege.

It's the thoughts of a 23-year-old transvestite sociology major who calls herself (or xirself) a person of colour because he (xe) is 1/16th Native American.

Here is the blogger's description of themself (or xerself?)...

I've asked them whether it's a joke blog and have received no response. But somebody else queried:

Anonymous asked: 

look, i need a dictionary to understand what your writing about on her and while ive tried my hardest to understand what the hell your saying, ive hit a wall. it took me twenty minutes to try and figure out your bio describing yourself. and im still confused. mind breaking it down for me? barney style?

Here's the ANSWER.
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