Justin Trudeau Will Stop Hate Speech In Canada!

Human rights commissions are hard at work in Canada making sure that no one bad mouths minority groups. So far they've caught a 67-year-old gold prospector and a fisherman.

The gold prospector, Arthur Topham, has been in and out of court for over a year. He risks being sent to prison and a life-time ban on publishing on the internet. His crime is antisemitism. Topham took a book written during the Second World War called, 'Germany Must Perish,' which advocated the elimination of Germans, and switched it to Israel.

Meanwhile in Newfoundland a fisherman says that he has made a comment that has been misconstrued. It is alleged that he said:"We killed all the Beothuks, we should have killed them [the Mi'kmaq], too."

The only person who can change all of this and bring hope and sanity to Canada is Justin Trudeau! Here's an excerpt from the blog, 'BigCityLiberal...'

Why worry about legislation that has already been repealed? Well, a Trudeau-led government that wanted to re-establish section 13 and 54.1 could do so knowing that they have passed constitutional muster. And remember, the Tories snuck their changes through the system as a private member's bill in the dead of night. Divided and leaderless as they might well be after 2015, they would not want to revisit these measures, especially since Mark Steyn, their strongest advocate on the file, might be playing piano for tips and cigarettes at some skeezy U.S. strip club by that time.

Vote Justin Trudeau to make sure more gold prospectors and fishermen are charged with hate speech!

Also Justin represents marginalized people...

Only the Liberals will be able to strengthen Section 13 while speaking out on behalf of misunderstood Islamic terrorists.

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