But Is Ezra Levant's Dad A Nazi?

I did some more sleuthing as to whether PM Harper is a Nazi when I found this title on the blog, 'BigCityLib Strikes Back...'

Your Daily Nazi: Did Harper Israel Trip Participant Help Arrange Meetup With English Neo-Nazis?

It said...

David Akin has published a list of the folks accompanying PM Stephen Harper to Israel. As Hardy notes in the comments here, one the people on the list is Julius Suraski. If you click on the image below, you can see that he is given as the "events coordinator" for JDL-Canada, and indeed there are mentions and pics of him on-line in regards to various JDL-Canada activities. 

Presumably, given his title, Julius helped arrange the bringing of American hate-monger Pam Geller (recently banned in the UK) to Toronto. Even more disturbingly, he seems to have been part of JDL Canada's outreach to Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League, an anti-Muslim Group with deep ties to UK Neo-Nazis, these ties noted here, for example. The EDL (although not Robinson himself) also apparently had connections with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Brievik, a story I broke here, and which was then widely pursued by the UK press. Also in The New Yorker. 

So, nice company you keep, Mr. Harper. 

PS. FWIW, it looks like Ezra's dad is also on the trip.

Now let's paraphrase...

Stephen Harper went to Israel with a group of people that included a Jewish guy involved with the Jewish Defense League. This man was also involved with bringing Pamela Geller (who is evil) to Canada to give a lecture which should have been banned because freedom of speech is awful. This same guy from the Jewish Defense League may or may not know Tommy Robinson (also evil) formerly of the English Defense League. A group of people who know people who may know a mass murderer!!!

You're a Nazi Mr. Harper!

PS. Ezra Levant's dad also went on the trip!

I think I'm beginning to get a handle on this investigative blogging thing! Let me give this a try:

Justin Trudeau is the leader of the Liberal Party. His brother Alexandre was a filmmaker. Alexandre is now one of Justin's close advisors and has worked with the Iranians making propaganda movies for them. Iran is governed by a bunch of Nazis. See HERE, HERE, and HERE.

It's possible that Alexandre Trudeau knows people who know people who knew Osama Bin Laden!

Justin Trudeau is a Nazi!

PS. Once I saw Ezra's dad on a bus.
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