What White Kids Learn In School

Written by a 22-year-old history student:

Okay, so my "ancestors" f@#ked up the world; what am I supposed to do now?

Whenever I learn more about all the terrible things that have happened throughout history that my “ancestors”— well, not mine specifically, but the society in which they lived as a whole— perpetrated, I always feel pretty helpless. I start wondering if there’s anything we can do with that knowledge today to actually help matters. I feel like there’s so much “blame and shame” in historical discourse sometimes but there’s not really an emphasis on what we— as the “oppressors” actually ought to do about it, besides feel immense quantities of white guilt and/or disappear off the face of the earth. How can we take the knowledge of the past and use it for something productive in the present, instead of just getting caught up in the shame game?

Majoring in History is four years of this...

"Class: After poverty, plagues, and white people bludgeoning each other to death over misinterpretations of the Bible they were really, infact, suppressing and oppressing minorities. If it weren't for white people settling in Canada today this country would be an advanced society full of beautiful people who drive Volvos and vote for the Green Party. World War 2 was fought over multiculturalism and millions of white people of different nationalities and religions died. Now go shoot yourself in the head for what your ancestors did."

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