Heather Mallick Is Now A Resident Of Harperlandia

No country has ever produced an aesthetic passport. It can't be done. The people who design passports probably didn't go to art school.

In a recent article Heather Mallick decries the new design which uses a lot of pictures as security features. There are too many men, it should be red like the Canadian flag, it should show the Toronto or Vancouver skyline. She even suggests that the CBC logo and a pic of Sarah Polley in Anne of Green Gables should have been used.

Sinking to even lower depths she even quotes Margaret Atwood saying that Canadian history is: “A world of frozen corpses, dead gophers, snow, dead children, and the ever-present feeling of menace, not from an enemy set over against you but from everything surrounding you.”

Sure Canadian history sucks. During the Great Depression children used to hunt gophers and the government would pay 1¢ for every tail turned in. And the situation is so terrible that many of those kids are now dead! The only thing that will remedy it is a passport filled with imagery like this...

You know what? I'm not even going to link to Mallick's article. It's somewhere in the Toronto Star. Go find it yourself.
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