Calls Canada A Rogue Petrostate!

In an article in entitled, 'Blame Canada,' the author is taken aback when she remembers speaking with an artist who refers to Canada as a, 'Rogue Petrostate.' She writes:

I knew Canada’s been spending gobs of federal money to promote its tar-sands agenda, but I didn’t realize our mild-mannered northern neighbor was approaching the ranks of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria in its single-minded embrace of oil as the nation’s lifeblood.

This is pretty bad that as Canada becomes more of a Muslim country due to immigration, we can now be compared to Saudi Arabia and Nigeria because of oil production. Should we stop oil production and invest in windmills and diversity programs?

Then she goes on to say:

Stephen Harper is, ...Remaking the country in the political image of the George W. Bush-era United States.

That's not exactly true. Harper has been called a Nazi 3000x times in the past month by people on Twitter. Now they're comparing him to a US President? In reality Harper has been in power since 2006 and, as Prime Minister, provides a less awful alternative to the Liberals.

To me Harper is a bit of a hero because people quickly forget that if it wasn't for him we would be saying things like, "Prime Minister Stephane Dion," or, "Why is Michael Ignatieff the leader of Canada?"

And she says:

...(Harper) is risking his country’s political and ecological security by exploiting what Foreign Policy calls “the world’s most volatile resource.” Mining operations in Alberta have already generated 6 billion barrels of toxic sludge, enough to flood Washington, D.C., and an area of forest six times the size of New York City could be excavated if approved projects proceed. Meanwhile, a secret document leaked to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation last fall reveals a sinister foreign-policy strategy: “To succeed [in becoming an energy superpower] we will need to pursue political relationships in tandem with economic interests even where political interests or values may not align.”

Now that's pretty scarey. I didn't know the asphalt from Alberta could be compared to Chernobyl. Flooding Washington DC with it? Once disaster struck when a molasses storage tank exploded covering much of northern Boston in sweet sludge so I guess anything is possible.

Exports to the U.S., its biggest customer, have declined, and fighting over the Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t help. So, per that leaked memo, Canada is setting aside human-rights concerns in favor of trade deals with China.

If America doesn't buy Canadian, we'll sell to China? This might be a valid point if the author of the article wasn't writing it on an iPad made in China.

It ends by accusing the government of denying climate change to push Keystone XL through. If only they could convince Vladimir Putin and Gazprom that oil is bad so that Russia could buy it from the Middle East, too.

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