Birthday Party Cancelled In South Africa Due To Multiple Murders

If you're white in South Africa and you own a farm you might have to say goodbye to your farm and, also, your life.

Ever since black people founded the country and made parts of it prosperous the virus called, 'White People,' just won't leave.

South Africa, the baby rape capital of the world, has farmers being bludgeoned to death and the international media just doesn't care.

There is a scale among journalists as to what they report...

1) If a white family is raped and murdered on a South African farm it's just not newsworthy. If there are thousands it's still not newsworthy.

2) If a black South African woman were to travel to India and get raped and murdered that's an occurrence.

3) If a black South African woman were to travel to England and get raped and murdered you've hit gold! Since that happens almost daily it's a front page story!

In the latest farm attack in SA a family was gathering for a birthday party and now their bodies are beyond recognition.  Since I watch the TV show, 'Criminal Minds,' I have some intuition that the assailants the police are looking for may be black.

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