At McGill Think Happy Thoughts

Microaggressions are something that the university educated have to watch out for. While not a direct form of racism, they are just as bad. Saying, "What part of Japan do you come from?" to a Japanese person is an example of a microaggression.

A McGill student was in some hot water. He circulated a clip that had appeared on, 'The Tonight Show,' that had President Obama kicking open a door. To it the student added: 'Honestly midterms get out of here.'

What the student didn't realize is that President Obama is, infact, black. Me pointing that out may be a microaggression, itself. I might have to delete this post soon.

Brian Farnan was forced to make an apology after an emergency meeting was held by the Student's Society. 

If you're in university imagine yourself being a resident of Peaksville...

h/t: BlazingCatFur
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