Wil Wheaton Finally Gets The Recognition He Deserves...

Called out for, 'Whitesplaining!'

From the blog, 'Potentially Lovely, Perpetually Human...'

I finally had to unfollow Wil Wheaton. Man, I really want to like that guy, because he’s often very funny, and I love TNG, and we are in to a lot of the same things, but I am super tired of his constant whitesplaining nonsense. He says problematic, racist s#@t, gets called out on it, and then yells at the person calling him out for being unreasonable and oversensitive. And then goes on a rant about how they’ve alienated a potential ally with their meanness. It’s gross, and I am NOT HERE FOR IT. !#ckin’ white dudes, man.

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I think Wil is the one in the bottom center.
Wil Wheaton became famous for being a cute kid. Things quickly went downhill from there. Everybody who has ever seen, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' has asked, "Why is there a 16-year-old on the deck of the Star Ship Enterprise?"

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