What Happened In Sociology Class Today

Somebody started a rumour that lesbians are oppressors...

From the blog: Lesbian Goggles

So let me see if I understand this correctly. People are saying that homosexuality is a privileged sexuality in our homophobic/heterosexist societies? That passes as rational?
Lesbians having monosexual privilege means that the very thing that makes us experience marginalization, i.e exclusively liking women, is the same thing that makes our sexuality privileged.
And people think that this makes sense? Scratch that because people will say anything to downplay the discrimination faced by lesbians. Are there lesbians thatthink this makes sense?
This can make sense only if you blatantly deny that lesbians face oppression for not being interested in men. The exclusively interested in women thing plays a big role in our marginalization. Denying that fact is lesbophobic. 
We are oppressed both for liking women and for not liking men. We live in heterosexist patriarchies and we are the women who are in a constant state of “no” towards men. You think we get any privileges because of this fact?
Saying that being exclusively interested in women makes us privileged, is denying our marginalization due to our sexuality. They’re bullshitting us and we’re accepting it because we’re used to only receiving criticism for our lesbianism. We’ve been taught from early on that we deserve to be browbeaten for only liking women. This is just another example of that grooming, only now it comes from inside the “community”, so we have less defences built to protect us from it. We have become so accustomed to others shitting on us that we don’t even notice it, especially if it is passed around as a progressive idea.
There is nothing progressive about making an oppressed minority believe that the cause of their oppression makes them privileged at the same time. This is seriously f*cked up.

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