Warren Kinsella Finally Admits That He's Part Of The Problem!

Warren Kinsella
After making a joke that a Chinese restaurant in Ottawa serves dogs, trying to out a possible homosexual federal minister,  and suing anyone he doesn't like including former Liberal PM Paul Martin, Warren Kinsella now admits that he's a problem because he's white.

Like in America when President Bill Clinton realized that white people would be a minority within the next 40 years and he thought it was totally cool, Mr. Kinsella is a spokesman for the diversity of Canada. Bill, himself, was an expert on race relations because he had sex with so many white 20-year-old interns.

But now there's a bright side to the changing face of Canada! It means no more Warren Kinsella.

If you go to Mexico City you might realize that many of the poorer Mexicans are dark and short. But if you went to a university in Mexico you'll see that many of the upper-class Mexicans are taller and have paler skin.


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox...

Maybe we could get Vicente Fox to replace Kinsella and relieve him of his white responsibilities at Sun News and as Olivia Chow's future campaign manager.
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