United States: Money Printing Machine For The World!

If you're a dictator in one of those countries where Hitler is still popular and you want a Lamborghini and a new mansion, don't worry: The United States has you covered!!!

The United States is just a money printing machine and they're giving trillions away!

Does your army need new rocket propelled grenades or even a battleship? Just tell the American government that you want to build schools to combat illiteracy in your homeland: The money's yours!

Get your cash now before the US declares bankruptcy and the Chinese become the world's only superpower. (Something tells me the Chinese won't be as generous as Uncle Sam).

Just look at Pakistan: From between 1951 to 2011 Pakistan received $67 billion dollars and the money keeps pouring in today!

Pakistan is a country invented by Britain for Muslims in India. The British walked away from it and today America flips the bill!

And its a good thing that Americans are helping Pakistan out. After the auto sector failed there when everyone started buying Kia's things went downhill pretty fast. Check out these pics of downtown Pakistan...

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