The Russians Are Eating Dogs!

It has become apparent that the Olympic Committee  made a serious mistake in choosing Sochi as a place to hold the games. Journalists are going on and on about the quality of their hotels. Stories of communal washrooms and shawdy building materials are making their rounds. Now the Soviets have begun killing dogs!

The guy who was probably the bad guy in the 1980s movie, 'Red Dawn,' said: "Roving packs of dogs threatened the safety of Olympic crowds. The dogs could attack spectators or spread rabies or perhaps run onto a ski slope just as a jumper is coming in for a landing at 130 km/h."

The Olympics were held in Beijing in 2008 and the facilities there were top-notch for journalists. Why can't the Olympics be held in Beijing again? Imagine, Beijing has so much to offer.

A man walking his dog in Beijing.
The Annual Gay Pride Parade in downtown Beijing.

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