Stephen Harper Is Trying To Prevent Liberals From Voting In Elections!

It's like they kept saying on Twitter! They said: "Harper, Hitler, Harper, Hitler."

I voted for Harper unwittingly. Like when other dictators take over a country they banned political parties: Now it's happening in Canada!

I just received an email from Ralph Goodale. It said:

...the Conservatives are now trying to legislate voter suppression through their so-called "Fair Elections Act" currently under review in Parliament.

This law has a single objective: stop anyone who is not a Conservative supporter from voting.

And he also added...

-- Voter identification rules would be changed making it harder to vote, particularly for mobile populations, like students, or people moving for work.

They're now using the levers of government to create laws that prevent Canadians from casting a ballot, like the Republicans do in the United States. 

Why can't we just flood Canada with Mexicans to ensure that Justin Trudeau is in power for the next 50 years? It's all about democracy.

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