Liberals Are Our Only Hope!

We can do this Canada!

After Stephen Harper cancelled the EH-101 helicopter contract to leave our armed forces with 40-year-old helicopters, and his henchman Lloyd Axworthy took an ax to Unemployment Insurance in 1993, and, here's the big one: Adscam: After the Sponsorship Scandal we cannot re-elect this government again!

English Canadians use to ask why are all of our Prime Ministers from Quebec? It will no longer be the same with Justin Trudeau!

Advertisement: Do you want to buy some leaky subs and give them to the Canadian Navy? Do you want Liberals in power for 50 years so they can flood the civil service with Marxist intellectuals? Check out Crazy Jean Chretien's Leaky Sub and Leftist Government Worker Depot!

The Toronto Star has intercepted info that Stephen Harper (a guy schooled in dirty Shawinigan politics and who Quebecers hold with contempt for how he stabbed Rene Levesque in the back during The Night of the Long Knives), is planning attack ads against Canada's saviour: Justin Trudeau.

This Thursday Justin will be giving a speech against Harper. It will mark the opening of the Liberal Biennial Convention. And Libs have a lot to celebrate as they are Canada's natural governing party being able to screw over both Alberta and Quebec when they were in power for so long. (But especially Alberta).

Like the mentally-ill man at the gas station who walks up to you asking for 10¢ hoping that you'll feel sorry for him and give him more, the Libs are asking for a donation of $3.

They're now mass mailing this in an email...

Donate $3 right now and help us raise $250,000 before he takes the stage Thursday evening.

Wasn't it Margaret Trudeau who asked all Canadians to mail her $1 so that she could be rich and sue Pierre? History repeats itself.


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