In The Muslim World The Stoning Of Little Girls For Joining Facebook And The Hanging Of Poets Continues Unabated!

If you're a woman in Syria think twice before joining Facebook. While girls in the West can set up internet profiles, under Sharia Law it's called adultery. Fatoum Al-Jassem was recently stoned to death for the offence:

And in Iran being a poet carries the death sentence. A popular literati named Hashem Shabaani Nejad was hanged for waging war against Allah. His poetry had been largely pastoral but he expressed some concern on how Iran executes thousands of Afghans on petty drug charges. So they hanged him, too, to shut him up:

But was 9/11 a Jewish plot orchestrated by George Bush? Sometimes people take credit where it's due: A new currency is making its rounds in Iraq. It depicts Osama Bin Laden and the destruction of the twin towers:

What about all of those Canadians who beat their wives? Border security in Canada is so lax they let a wife-beater into the country to lecture on new innovations in domestic assault:

Now let's remember that...
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