Doug Ford Is Guilty Of Ageism And Fatphobia!

Doug Ford has certainly shown his true colours today. Explaining why his brother Rob has announced his intention not to go to the Gay Pride parade, he said: “I spoke to some folks in the gay community and they said they weren’t going because they didn’t like the idea of men running, middle aged men with pot bellies, running down the street buck naked.”

The folks at are probably in tears by this, singing,  'Kumbaya My Lord,' (If it wasn't such a racist song). Kinsella is no doubt staying up all night listening to Grunge Rock from a band that existed for three months in 1992; tomorrow he'll pen an article explaining how Olivia Chow should be PM because she likes seeing fat naked men on Yonge Street. And right now Justin Trudeau is stuffing his mouth full of ice cream and singing: "Banana-fana fo-fatie: Fee-Fi-mo-matie: Harper!"

The, 'Toronto Star,' is no doubt on the case, delving into whether Doug Ford is a repressed homosexual.

Politics ain't like this in Russia!

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