Cherry Picking The Ethnic Matrix

From the blog, 'Auntithis:'

End Race Based Law regularly will “cherry-pick” old and outdated information relating to the theory of 10,000 year old Beringian migration – despite the fact that it has been established that the Bering Strait was impassable – under a mile of ice – at the time when human remains first appear on the paleo-archaeological record in the Americas – long before the supposed migration 

 That fact aside, it has also been firmly established that “Europeans” hadn’t migrated to Europe at that same time: their ancestors were at that time living in Asia and Africa because of the same glaciation. The most recent discovery has been of a blue eyed, dark skinned individual – straight out of Africa – in Spain who lived there only 7,000 years ago; who has been genetically identified as an ancestor of the Northern Europeans. The fact that First Nations pre-date the appearance of Europeans in Europe seems to have escaped the ideologically challenged.

This was posted under the title: Hate Speech and RACE-BAITING.

I would just like to add that Mozart was black. Queen Charlotte was black. The original inhabitants of Japan were Caucasoid. Rape. Moors. Third World immigration. Jews. Aryans. President Obama's Father. Blonde hair. World War 2. Europeans aren't indigenous to Europe. Matthew Shepard. Race-baiting. Race-baiting. Trend? Justin Bieber? Bueller? Bueller? 

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