55 Years Ago Today Canada Lost A Part Of Itself

On this day in 1959 the Avro Arrow program was cancelled. It is important to remember the Arrow as, how the CBC movie tells us, it was the fastest plane and could have been used to shoot satellites into space. It is also important to teach Canadians about the Arrow to divert everybody's attention as Islam becomes the quickest growing religion in North America.

Had the Arrow lived 'Canadaironauts' would have duked it out with Astronauts
 and Cosmonauts in Outer Space!

Here's the fastest plane the Canadian Air Force ever had...

CF-104 Mach 2.2
More comparisons...

1959 Arrow top speed: Mach 1.98
1970 Mig 25 top speed: Mach 3.2

1959 F-105 top speed: Mach 2.08
1959 Delta Dart top speed: Mach 2.3
Top speeds found at Wikipedia.

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