Ontario Will Always Be Liberal

Proving that politics really sucks Warren Kinsella wrote a blog post.

It’s a real poll, from a real pollster. And it suggests that Trudeau isn’t particularly doing anything – he’s simply doing a good job of not being Stephen Harper.
Am I right or am I wrong? Outlier poll? Trend? Justin Bieber? Bueller? Bueller?
- See more at: http://warrenkinsella.com/#sthash.htn6fwf9.dpuf

(Here are some Abacus Data opinion results).

To which I commented (and he published the comment this time)...

Most people aren’t partisan. When the federal Libs were in power for so long people in Ontario usually elected Tories, provincially. A Justin government will bring about a solid Premier Hudak government! So maybe I’ll vote Justin to help drive Wynne out of office. 

Following the laws of Ontario the re-election of the Harper government will logically mean another five years of Kathleen Wynne. See this list of past Premiers and look at who was in power post WW2 and think of who the PM was in Ottawa at the same time.

I'm moving to Alberta.
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