Marxist Teacher Fights Back!

I noticed being mentioned by another Blogspot blog. 

No, no: What he said probably wasn't good.

But first he had some words about Blazingcatfur...

This is in reference to the time the Toronto District School Board sent the cops to Blazingcatfur's house to give him a good talking to. I had this to say about what went on:

So he had this to say about me... 

He didn't even give me a link! He asks the reader to Google it to figure the graphic out, themselves. And damn it I could have used another link.

But the blog in question, written by David Chiarelli, a retired teacher with the TDSB, has some interesting graphics on it, too.

These are all from his sidebar...

(PS: You know how the rumours are that TO teachers are Marxists?)

 The Communist Party?



Victory to the Proletariat!

Hooray Laika!

Pop Art!

Intro to Socialist Art ..


Somebody call Warren Kinsella: This guy loves blondes and crazy European political ideology 100x more than I do.

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