Justin Trudeau Single-Handedly Reforms Senate!

He's not even Prime Minister yet but our leader in waiting has already made some massive changes. Four days after Warren Kinsella referred to him as the Ferris Bueller of Canadian politics, Justin Trudeau has decided to de-politicize a very political people: Senators. This won't go over well with many Liberal sens but from now on they will be independents.

Stephane Dion
“The Senate must be non-partisan, composed merely of thoughtful individuals … independent from any particular political brand,” he said.

Stephen Harper quickly fired back insisting that Canadians want an elected senate and not Liberals disguised as independents.

Warren Kinsella
This did not sit well with Justin as he continues to spearhead his reforms. However, I don't think the political affiliation of Ottawa Senators is all that important. Ten points behind Tampa Bay it's imperative that Erik Karlsson be allowed to score goals tonight without Justin filling his head with political mumbo jumbo.

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