Iceland Overtakes Canada For Being Most Evil Country In The World!

Rejoice: It's beginning to be okay to be a Canadian again! After the EU raised a stank over this countries seal-killing policies, even going so far as to ban Inuit products because of it, nobody was paying any attention to Iceland. And the Icelanders quickly got up to no good. Infact, one drunken night some of them thought that it would be a bright idea to make beer out of whales.


Europeans should take note that this morning, walking out of a Tim Hortons in downtown Toronto, I encountered a baby seal and, as a Canadian, it was my duty to club it to death. But I frown on those who want to sit in a EuroDisco downing pints of whale blubber.

John Baird should probably consult with Elizabeth May and get on this. I propose a ban on European beers (except for Guinness and Dab and the others that I like).

This time Canadians can smugly frown on the EU's treatment of animals with disdain. MORE
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