End Subliminal Racism In Mississauga!

A recent article in the Brampton Guardian throws a lot of statistics around about how white people who live in the Mississauga area are racist, with the vast majority of visible minorities being victims to abuse. The new term for, 'Visible Minority,' is now, 'Racialized Resident,'

The article says:

"...Visible minorities say they have come face-to-face with racism in their community. That translates to 431,300 of the 730,900 racialized residents living here. In two cities where the racialized population is now the majority, in a country priding itself on multiculturalism and tolerance, that might come as a surprise."

The 'racialized' people are now the majority of the population and they have to put up with all of the intolerant white people who live there?

The article goes on to say the reason so many people are victims is because of subliminal racism. It's, "Body language, tone of voice, facial expression."

Please white minority: Stop being subconscious racists!

 White People Continue To Destroy America!
The theory of White Entitlement continues to be taught in high schools and universities in North America. As white people become a minority we must learn that they are the natural racists in the world. Here’s some terrible things whites have done from a leftist blogger…I distinctly remember witnessing an exchange after school, in which a white male student spoke back to his mother in front of his favorite teacher. His mother greeted him and asked him harmless questions, but this white boy shot back responses that attempted to paint his mother as a fool. Neither the mother nor the teacher called him out on his behavior, and instead let it slide. This student felt entitled to speak freely to whomever he wanted however he wanted, and his poor behavior was rewarded by everyone around him through various academic and behavioral privileges that I felt he did not deserve.White students in general at my school were far less aware of others around them than students of color. White male students in particular often glorified what they called “stupid” behavior and partook in “acting stupid” because there were no serious, visible consequences for it. Outside of the school, a few of these students did things such as lighting firecrackers in trash cans or putting hot sauce on their penises to see who could endure the pain the longest.
It’s too bad that white students are bringing down academia in America by putting hot sauce on their penises.

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