Louis Riel: Not Such A Nice Guy After all:

So the CBC says: Riel's actions to date had been moderate, but with Scott he overreacted and appointed a military tribunal to try the prisoner for treason. On March 4, 1870, Scott was convicted, sentenced to death and executed by a firing squad in the courtyard of Fort Garry.

From Wikipedia (on the execution of Scott): Boulton supports M├ętis leader John Bruce's claim that only two bullets from the firing squad actually hit Scott, wounding him once in the left shoulder, and once in the upper chest. A man stepped forward and discharged his pistol close to Scott's head, but the bullet only penetrated the upper part of the left cheek and came out somewhere near the cartilage of the nose. Still not dead, Scott was placed in a kind of coffin, from which he was later reported to cry: "For God's sake take me out of here or kill me." which he was denied, and lived on to die slowly in his coffin. The captain who ordered he be left there reportedly said "this coffin shall be your hell, because apparently your God loves your race too much to send you to his."
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