A Must Read Blog! Or Not

The Blog, 'Brown Name, Pale Face,' is about the hardships of growing up white with a latino last name.

"This blog is not about white tears. It is not about how I, as an ethnic and racial minority with white-passing privilege, am oppressed. It is not about this because I do not experience systematic, disenfranchising oppression. I have my mother’s pale skin, and at least where I have lived most of my life, this is all that has ever really mattered. That is not to say that having my father’s facial features and Latin last name has not resulted in instances of racial bias or other-izing. But it is to say that I acknowledge the privilege my whiteness grants me, I acknowledge it is a privilege that other PoC do not have, and I acknowledge that such a lack of privilege is directly tied to oppression. 

So, what is this blog about? It is about the juggling of identities. It is about navigating my personal anti-racism and the spaces in which I should operate my activism with this privilege. It is about the fluidity of identity and experience. It is about disconnect. A disconnect I was having trouble finding in the blogosphere and even in academic discourse. It’s about the cords I cut when I acknowledged my privilege. It’s about the community I’m afraid to be a part of, and it’s about the community I want to create. It’s about calling out oneself on a daily basis, and it’s about fighting the urge to speak for the PoC whose gene pool I share, but color I do not. 

This is brown name; pale face."

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