The Staggering Powers Of Prime Minister Harper

Last week Stephen Harper said that he would not take, 'No,' for an answer in negotiations with America in the Keystone XL pipeline deal. And now the entire US government is in complete shutdown. Coincidence? Or is Harper now the most powerful man in the world? So thinks billionaire Democrat and anti-Keystone protester Tom Steyer.

In a letter to the Prime Minister Steyer asks whether Harper used his influence with Republicans to cause the shutdown.

It is unclear at this point why Harper didn't just get on the phone and order his goons to beat up Obama a little bit to scare him first before he shut down the entire US government. Apparently he is playing hard ball.

What is becoming certain is that Steyer must have made his billions selling the gun that Che Guevara used to assassinate JFK on eBay.

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