Belgium: Assisted Suicide Out Of Control

Recently, a girl who grew up unwanted and unloved by her mother had a sex change thinking that she might be happier as a man...

The results were not perfect leaving him with scars and a penis that didn't work 100%. And the mother still wasn't happy. Choosing not to live life as a "monster", the only option left was assisted suicide.

Ending your life by doctor has become common in Belgium with a dramatic increase in people choosing this easy way out. Today it accounts for 1 in every 50 causes of death in the country.

Now their politicians are debating extending the right to die to those under 18 years of age and the mentally ill.

Liberalism gone insane? As Islam becomes the fastest growing religion Belgium passes more laws making it illegal to criticize the growing influence of Muslims. And the new social conservatives will operate under Sharia Law.
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