Eroticizing Pierre Trudeau?

In his latest article for, 'The Sun,' Ezra Levant derides the CBC's coverage of the two Canadian men arrested in Egypt. Over a month ago Tarek Loubani and John Greyson were on their way to Gaza when they stopped by Cairo to look around. There they were caught in the anti-Morsi uprising and, looking like suspicious foreigners, were quickly arrested on charges of espionage and maybe even murder.

But a cold and bitter man like Ezra does not sympathize with these two. He is adamant that Loubani is a career protester who, despite being born in Qatar and having grown up in Canada, calls himself a Palestinian refugee. Claiming that he's incoherently disrupted a press conference concerning a grant for the disabled by yelling about the plight of his people, Ezra also points out that in reality Loubani is a rich doctor.

But then there's John Greyson. The leader of, 'Queers Against Israeli Apartheid,' he's an avant-garde Toronto filmmaker who's made some strange, perverse, and unknown movies.

What really jumped out at me in Ezra's article is the line: '(Greyson) explores his sexual feelings about Pierre Trudeau.' Now that's something really disturbing. Greyson couldn't be at least somewhat more normal and be infatuated with Pierre's son like a quarter of all Canadians.

I had to look into this. So I turned to Google and found a film review entitled, 'My Penis! Where Is My Penis?' Read it at your own peril. It may make you want to hope that the Egyptians keep Greyson a long time. Now that he is the belle of the media I think we'll be hearing more about his forgotten movies.

Meanwhile the PM and Foreign Affairs aren't as cold hearted as Ezra: They are doing everything they can to get the two released immediately.

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