Embrace Diversity In America And Help Protect Japan's Homogeneity!

A white university student contemplates teaching English in Japan but does not want to contribute to colonialism or interfere with Japanese culture with her white privilege:

"I want to teach English in Japan or translate Japanese, but I don’t want to contribute to colonialism. I’m a white female and I’m aware of my privilege, but does me wanting to teach English in Japan someday (after hopefully getting my PH.D in Linguistics and a minor in Japanese) make me a bad person? I don’t want to contribute to a loss of culture—I just want to go to a place where my favourite language is widely spoken and do something that I’m pretty good at…teaching."

The demographics of Japan, a first-world country with a declining population, is 98.5% Japanese and 1.5% other.

Segregation in Japan:

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