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Problem: She doesn't know how to describe her ethnicity and she also feels white-privileged...

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my racial identity and I’m really puzzled.
I am Hispanic, Greek, and as I’ve recently discovered, Jewish both matrilineally and patrilineally. 
I feel, very often, that I am endowed with a great deal of white privilege. However, I am (on all my documents, for the record) Hispanic, and I identify with that aspect of my genes the most (though I am now a practicing Jew).
My struggle is, I do not know if I am, by society’s standards, considered POC. Is Hispanic within those brackets? What weight does my Israeli lineage carry in my racial identity?
Aesthetically, I am fair skinned and light eyed, but I have otherwise very Mediterranean, dark features.
My question here is, is my status as Hispanic nulled by my aesthetic?

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