Exactly How Much Pot Does Elizabeth May Smoke When She Blogs?

The leader of Canada's Green Party wrote a recent post critical of how China's wind energy program is leaving Canada in the dust. There have been a number of enthusiastic articles published recently as China has touted it's Stalinist 12th 5-year-economic plan, pledging to increase power consumption derived from wind. May says that...

The countries that are heavily invested in renewable may surprise those who associate China’s energy picture with nothing but dirty coal. In fact, China is the top performer in installed wind energy, producing 26 per cent of its electricity from wind. Next in the ranking is the U.S. at 19 per cent wind, and then Germany with 12 per cent. Canada stands at 2.2 per cent. We rank at a similar level in solar, with China once again in top place. Solar photovoltaic prices continue to drop contributing to an all time high in installed capacity in 2012.

I know it must be easy to smoke a lot of pot and make up numbers but come on. China gets 26% of its energy from wind? Seriously? And America: 19%? While pitiful Canada produces only 2.2%?

I can chug 4 beers right now and tell people that Canada derives all of its energy from burning off seal oil. But May would probably frown on that, too.

Here's a site that says China gets 1% of its energy from wind: http://cleantechnica.com/2012/11/14/198-mw-of-wind-power-comes-online-in-china/

And here's a US government site saying that all renewable sources of energy accounted for about 9% of total energy consumption in 2012: http://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=92&t=4

Oh dude, I just heard Elizabeth May say in China they don't use
oil anymore. And they fly around on the backs of magical dragons!

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