Warren Kinsella Hunts Little Girl!

I hadn't seen Wendy Sullivan's blog in a while. She blocked me on Twitter! But so did Warren Kinsella.

Wendy's blog was often inflammatory. I seldom read it. Growing up in Montreal her dad was some sort of union New Democrat guy who was abusive and that led her to becoming an ultra-ultra conservative.

Enter Warren Kinsella. After working PR for Ernest Zundel in the 1990s, Warren is an expert on racists. The reason a nutcase like Zundel became a household name is thanks to people like Warren. He made quite a name for himself picking on senile old men and exposing the rise of the Neo-Nazi Party in Canada. They may have even won an election if it wasn't for Warren's hard work.

Now Warren's been on the hunt for Wendy Sullivan...

Did Warren leave this comment when he was cyberstalking her?

Read Wendy's article HERE.
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