Kitchener Police Seize, Share Nude Pics!

While the RCMP in High River, Alberta, has taken it upon itself to confiscate guns from evacuated homes, Kitchener, Ontario, police have taken things to an all new level of weirdness. Matthew Waltenberry called 911 as a friend was about to commit suicide. Instead of helping, police searched his home and found nude photographs of him. With their cell phones they took pics of the pics to share with the other guys on the force.

My childhood dreams have thus been destroyed. Starting as a kid for hours I would run around shouting, "Whoooo, whoooo, whoooo," in an attempt to simulate the sound of the sirens of Kitchener's finest. No more! From now on I will pretend that I'm a fireman.

The next time you see a Kitchener cop tell them it's OK to look at pictures of naked men. Kathleen Wynne is the Premiere of Ontario, Elton John is married to some guy from Toronto, and, I think, Svend Robinson is now some sort of international jewel thief: That sort of thing is socially acceptable as long as you view them legally and in the privacy of your own home.

For shame, Kitchener cops. For shame. MORE 

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