David Suzuki For Immigration Minister?

It may have taken him a week but Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has come out swinging against comments David Suzuki made to L'Express against Canada's immigrant policies. What Suzuki said is:

Interviewer: In Australia, environmentalists oppose population growth and immigration, arguing that natural resources do not stand. What do you think?

Suzuki: Oh, I think that Canada is full too! Although it is the second largest country in the world, our floor space is reduced. Our immigration policy is disgusting, we plunder the South by depriving them of their future leaders and we want to increase our population to support the growth of our economy.

What Suzuki said is true. Mass immigration means that Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal get bigger and bigger. The wealthiest places in Canada fill up with immigrants and they become the majority population in these cities. Most aren't refugees: Instead Canada lets in the educated and affluent. In doing so we are depriving emerging economies from doctors and entrepreneurs.

David Suzuki may vote Green or NDP. He may  have disagreeable opinions to many conservatives. His views on our immigration policies aren't anything new. But he is right about them (And also Russian phage medicine).

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