White Entitlement On Tumblr

Tumblr is a cool blogging site populated by young people who share their lives often through pictures. They also share political views.

High school and university are very left-wing. In the 1990s they'd teach that we have to diversify the population to prevent the holocaust from happening again. Today many school boards teach the theory of, 'white entitlement.' It is the idea that whites are the natural racists in the world.

Reading a lot of the posts under the tag, ‘White Entitlement’ it’s good too see so many Asians and East Indians taking advantage of black slavery in America. Maybe schools should start teaching immigrant entitlement. If your parents are from Pakistan and you grow up here you can understand Rosa Parks quite well I’m sure.

Here are some excerpts from some Tumblrs...

From a South Asian girl:
I was really happy to be finally getting some non-white people time at the south asian law students meeting today. and this one indian guy (f--- you too, dude) invited two white girls because in his words, “i’m not very good at being south asian, and i need my white people there.” (again, f--- you dude)...

And from an Asian lesbian:
I work at a corporate retail store behind a customer service desk in a rather rich and snobby part of the IE, and I deal with loads of white people walking up and using their entitlement to demand things of me. For the most part, I’m used to it, but the other day, this really got to me when a (clearly upper-middle class) white cis-gendered male walks up to my desk, throws his stuff at me, tells me he wants me to return it, sits on my desk while I process his return (because he apparently can’t be bothered with being present with those “lesser-than” folks), snatches his money, throws the receipt at me, then walks away without even a “thank you” or a “would you mind throwing this receipt away for me?”

And what about homosexuals adopting babies?
If you think white people adopting black babies from the magically exotic land of ~*~*Africa*~*~*~ is a good idea, I’m pretty sure I hate you because that is one of the most ignorant ideas to have ever existed. If you think white people adopting black babies, period, is a good idea, I also think you’re ridiculous.You want to know why I feel this way?RACISM.No white person on this planet can EVER understand what racism feels like and how f'd up it can make you.

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