Jason Kenney Saves Life Of Little Girl With Down Syndrome!

Last March an Islamic mob burned down two hundred Christian homes in Pakistan. It isn't easy being a Christian in a Muslim country. It's even worse if you're a little Christian girl with Down syndrome.  Rimsha Masih was accused of destroying pages of the Koran. People who are believed to be bad mouthing Allah are usually dealt with with vigilante violence before the police have the opportunity to throw them in prison.

Allah is obviously not one of the more powerful invisible gods. Thor and Buddha don't need a raving mad mob overturning cars and setting fires to protect them from little girls.

It is only international condemnation that saved Rimsha. But a year later she is still not safe in Pakistan. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, she and her family are now in Canada: MORE

The Muslim God needs these people to
protect him from little girls.

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