Celebrity Racism Or Homophobia?

Noted Democrat Alec Baldwin is known for his fury. The actor has left-wing ideals and is a strong supporter of the gay community. Which makes it okay for him to go on homophobic rants. In 2011 he warned his Twitter followers of an uptight, 'Queen,' working at a New York Starbucks. This, however was nothing compared to his latest meltdown. In a Twitter tirade against a reporter who realized that Baldwin's wife was tweeting during the funeral of James Gandolfini, he used phrases like: "I'm going to find you, you toxic little queen and F--- you up," and "I'll put my foot up your f---ing ass, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much." Obviously embarrassed, Baldwin later deleted the account. All this from a man who would one day like to become New York's mayor.

Then what about Paula Deen's 25-year-old racist comments? Deen, also a Democrat, is having her career destroyed as sponsors flee her. Quite the double standard! MORE

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