Anti-Racist Canada Soft On Genocide?

Here's a comment I left on the Anti-Racist Canada blog concerning their lack of concern over Boer genocide:

You had three legitimate comments from: 'Another Bonehead Protest Goes Bust,' and the one you chose to republish is, "fuch you c*nts those bastards are singing songs about kill the boar and you suport genoside." I don't think that when Ezra Levant interviews Occupy protesters he looks for the most incoherent one! The fact that Canada has some nutjob party protesting this doesn't take away from the Boers being victims of genocide. That Neo Nazis here listen to Nazi bands nobody has ever heard of also doesn't take away from the fact that President Zuma sang 'Kill the Boers' at a huge political rally.

 I left it on this blog post they wrote in response to their own previous post.

Will they publish it?
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