Google Goes Way To Far!

After using a pic of Cesar Chavez as their doodle for an April Fool's joke, Google has now outraged many. After pointless Panda updates, paying Adsense publishers a declining share of the profit, and trying to compete with Facebook, they have come out with the dumbest thing I've ever seen. It's called, Google Nose. This is technology gone crazy!

For years scientists have contemplated coming out with, 'Smellovision.' No, I say! It's not possible to sit at your computer desk and smell like the beach. Toying with these things Google is like Icarus flying too close to the sun: The wax holding your wings in place, Google, will melt and you'll fall down into the ocean.

Already thousands of people are saying, "Whatever happened to Yahoo?" They were a great site. Why did all of us move to Google anyway?

I am currently changing this site over to Wordpress and closing all of my Google accounts.
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