New, Staggering Powers of Toronto District School Board!

Aside from teaching Asian, South Asian, and Arab children that whites are the world's natural racists, or that communism may have been, in fact, a good idea, the TDSB is now cracking down on bloggers critical of them: A Sarcastic Blogger is in big trouble, now.

Upset by the conservative blog, 'Blazingcatfur,' the TDSB called police and two detective showed up at the blogger's house with a photocopy of an old post.

From now on think happy thoughts about the TDSB! I myself will start writing about how there are probably only seven blond students attending a downtown school and they need to know about how white people cause racism in Japan and India and, also, that everything Che Guevara ever said and did is completely awesome.

All hail the Toronto School Board! They are teaching a new and better world!

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