Pakistan Declares War On Little Girl...Again!

International outrage last summer when Pakistan arrested a girl on blasphemy charges because she allegedly burned pages of the Koran. Further outrage because Rimsha Masih has Down Syndrome. She is believed to have torn out pages of the holy book and snuck them from her apartment in a jar or a bag, where she maliciously set fire to them! And what makes this a pretty clear-cut case from a Pakistani legal standpoint is the fact that she is a Christian.

People in Pakistan don't like Christians. It's hard to build a crazed Islamic state and constantly be on the hunt for nonbelievers and also tolerate other religions. People who worship Jesus make up slightly over 1.5% of the population and it is widely known that they have a thing for bad-mouthing the prophet. Infact, last Saturday over 100 Christian homes were burned down because there were rumours that a man had said something disparaging about the prophet Mohammed.

International pressure caused Pakistan to drop the charges against Rimsha Masih. But now that everyone's forgotten about her the case will be reopened. She is as good as dead and her only real crime is being of a different faith.
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