It's A Crazy Muslim World!

This past week in Islam...

An Egyptian satirist who models himself after Jon Stewart of the Comedy Network's, 'Daily Show,' is in a lot of trouble. Bassem Youssef has been arrested and is now out on bail. His crime? Making jokes about the country's president. It looks like Youseff may be in and out of jail for the next ten years. The real joke is that the president, Mohamed Morsi, leads what's called the, 'Freedom and Justice Party.'

*Also Known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Freedom is also being clawed back in Saudi Arabia where the government doesn't like how Twitter users can remain anonymous, saying what they like without reprisals. They are considering making Tweeters register with ID. Providing personal identification over the internet probably isn't a good idea in a country that is ruled by sharia law, has sex slavery, and honour killings.

Saudi Arabia is so brutal that last week they beheaded and crucified a man, putting his body on display for three days.

But wait, there's more! This just in: A Saudi court has ordered a man to be surgically paralyzed because of a stabbing he committed when he was 14!

As Lego is banned in Europe for possibly looking similar to a distant mosque, 200 Christian homes have been burned down in Pakistan while, in India, a family was attacked by a mob for celebrating Easter. The mother's hands were cut into pieces

As Canada is criticized for pulling out of a UN convention because it spent more money on bureaucracy than doing anything useful, Iran amalgamates its power there, heading the General Assembly's second-largest voting block. The same Iran that publicly hangs people and has thousands of Afghan refugees on death row.

But there is an intellectual community in Islam. For example,  a Saudi cleric suggests that newborn baby girls should wear burkas to prevent being raped. This is not to be out done by a Tunisian cleric who, after seeing pics of a topless girl online, was so upset that he called for her to be stoned. 

There's a fun side to Muslim countries, though. Infact, Iran has a TV show similar to, 'American Idol.' But there are laws against married women singing in public so there is quite some debate as to whether one of the contestants should receive 74 lashes.

And now for a video of a cleric describing what the virgins in heaven look like...

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