Islam's Turns It's Attention To A New Threat: Buddhism

After winning victory after victory against Christians, Muslim forces are now looking East and setting their sites on defeating another religion: Buddhism. With Saudi Arabia and Iran now virtually free of Jesus' followers, and many gains having been made against them in Africa, the new enemy has become clear:

If you're a Muslim than you may understand this religion of the Orient is particularly despicable. It's even suspected that should Buddhists gain any more global power they may embark on a program of suicide bombings and forcing their religion on others.

As Afghanistan is now free of most Buddhist relics, Iran is now infuriated with the religion that makes up less than 0.5% of its population. After realizing that it is a belief started by Jews, authorities are now confiscating statues from shops claiming that they represent a cultural invasion.

A cultural invasion? Here are some stats from Wikipedia...

Population of Iran according to religion census 2011:

Muslims 99.4

Christians 0.2

Zoroastrians 0.0

Jews 0.0

Other 0.1

Unknown  0.4

Islam is also making monumental gains in Thailand. After waging a nine-year insurgency that has killed over 5,000, Muslim rebels have forced the Thai government into peace talks with them.

Islam is said to be a religion of peace and will one day achieve this reputation-once all of the world's inhabitants have converted to it.

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