North Korea Invades?

All of America is in fear right now, facing an invasion threat. There were massive rallies in North Korea today and they are threatening to attack. Their leader (Kim #3) has ordered strategic rocket and long-range artillery units into combat posture directed at the U.S. mainland, Hawaii and Guam.

On Thursday the U.S. announced that B-2 Stealth Bombers took off from Missouri and flew to South Korea to participate in military exercises as a warning to the North that America could strike at any time.

The United States defending itself from the DPRK is pointless. The communists have a well-disciplined army angered by the injustices that their country constantly faces. America should stand down and do nothing. When North Korean soldiers arrive they will arrive in force! And then lay down their weapons when they realize that in California they can get a Big Mac and watch a nudey film while listening to disco hits from the 1970s on what's known in the U.S. as an iPod.

Burger King will be America's first line of defense.

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