Liberal Party Dealt Crushing Blow!

I became a Liberal supporter because it was free and gave me a chance to vote against Justin. But then came the unending emails from the likes of Mike Crawley, Ralph Goodale, and Bob Rae. The one from Rae asked me for a donation of $4!

The nerve of some people!

Here's an excerpt:

Take either of these next steps: become a Liberal member and enjoy full benefits or donate $4 – just $1 after your tax credit – to the Strong Start Fund to introduce our next Leader to Canadians in 2013.
Together, David, it’s the only way we’re going to change Canada.
Bob Rae
That had me fuming. The only way I could see myself staying a Liberal much longer is if Rae sent me $4.
So I sent them a resignation letter:
I have grown disillusioned with the party. Justin has already won and it's all over. For a time I was excited to see the Alex Burton campaign get off the ground. Here was a man with the will and the hope to drive across this country in his RV and mobile campaign office. But nobody pays any attention to him! It's all: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha...No scratch that. I mean: Justin, Justin, Justin.

I realize that my stepping down as a Liberal supporter will come as a crushing blow. You will one day get over it. You can start by looking into the other parties that you, yourself, can join.

When I clicked send this is how I saw myself...

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