Muslims To Censor Internet!

Upset that their religion is not being taken seriously in the World Wide Web, proponents of the Islamic faith are up in arms trying to force Google to take down anything they feel is offensive to them. Protests are taking place in London, England, with a planned million-man rally in Hyde Park. But aren't there worse things on the internet aside from who's making fun of Saudi Jesus or some other invisible prophet? Wait until our Muslim brothers get a load of the other stuff on the net because it is mind blowing! Infact, actor Jack Nicholson got rid of his connection because, "There's so much porn out there that I never get out of the house." And that's just the surface of it! Everything fun that's banned in many Middle East countries can be found on the internet: Pet dogs, women drivers, Pokemon, and, even, Jews!

If you're going to protest Google at least dedicate your anger toward a more meaningful cause. What about buffering? Do you know how annoying it is when you're trying to watch a drunk David Hasselhoff throw up a cheeseburger, a video of LolCats, or, 'The Innocence of Muslims,' and everything stops and you have to sit there and watch the little circle go round and round? Or what about protesting Google over all of those Nigerian princesses that send out random emails, cunningly leading you on so that you give them money so that they can get out of their refugee camps? Or unreadable CAPTCHA codes, pop-up ads, Fred Figglehorn, parked domains, viruses, malware...But what if some people who don't like what they see online don't watch it?

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