Justin Trudeau Saves Canada! (Will Do The Same For Iran One Day Soon).

When asked by pollsters recently Canadians seem to favour nice hair, a certain kind of incoherent eloquence, and a man who would make an excellent pirate...

Justin Trudeau (file photo).
A Forum poll for the National Post shows that if an election were held and the Liberals had Justin as their leader, the Libs would take 160 seats, the Tories: 104, and the NDP would get 42.

But what Canadians don't realize yet is that Justin has some kind of awful relation named Alexandre. It's not easy to say at the moment whether this Alex is Justin's brother, half-brother, or an illegitimate son of an English rock star what with Margaret having been so friendly with the Rolling Stones and all. But what we do know is that he is the senior advisor on Justin's campaign team.

He's also a propagandist who sides with Iran. Alex said...

"While there is no proof that Iran has even made the decision to start a nuclear arms program. Israel's nuclear arsenal will largely out-gun whatever weapons Iran might acquire, but from the vantage point of Iran, it is the one being threatened not the one doing the threatening."

If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wasn't crazy and had studied philosophy at McGill, he couldn't portray the plight of how his country enriches uranium for baby formula while Israel constantly threatens to wipe it off the face of the earth, any better.

Alex's films have even been showcased on the National with Peter Mansbridge as the CBC gears up to become one giant commercial for the Liberal party as Justin secures his grip on Grit leadership.

Let Israel hope that Justin never wins!
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